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Loglisci Water Gardens began 10 years ago as a landscape & perrenial garden business and has flourished into a water garden company like no other.

With your setting and personal taste in mind we design and install a water garden that's unique in many different ways. We personally hand select all stones, boulders, aqua plants and landscaping materials from local suppliers giving you the best materials for your money.

All residential water gardens are designed and installed by hand. That is, all excavating is done by hand, each and every stone, boulder, plant, etc... are placed by hand with your personal taste in mind. During construction we are very considerate to your surroundings keeping our site clean & organized at all times.

New construction materials and procedures have made our watergardens more affordable than most of today's outdoor projects. We offer an endless variety of shapes and sizes giving you many price options to choose from.

Working with Mother Nature and not against her, a natural ecosystem is created with mechanical and biological filters, rocks, gravel and aqua plants. All of these elements work together to form a naturally beautiful water feature. The design possibilities are endless and will provide a gorgeous view from indoors and out.


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